Wellness Counseling

A holistic approach to life is necessary for health and wellness: Wellness Counseling has helped many people to find balance.

The Wellness Counseling programme is designed to help people acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need for maximizing their potential for successful academic progress, career development, and personal and social growth.

Mudita (Pre-Marital Counseling)

There is hardly anyone who has not been wowed by the wedding vows – to cherish and to love, in sickness and in health. With the help of Tapovan Wellness Clinic Premarital counseling program couples that are set to tie the knot can identify, understand and address their core wellness.

How can I have a healthy marriage?

Screening, early detection, and treatment of diseases can help couples in safeguarding their own lives and that of their future generation. You can take the first step in that direction by evaluating your physical health.

Ensuring a healthy family with Tapovan Wellness Klinic

Our in house experts will not only evaluate and advise on the general health status of both the partners, but will also study Blood compatibility and screen diseases like That anemia, sickle cell anemia as well as certain sexually transmitted diseases like Hepatitis.

Are there any other benefits of Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counseling is a process by which patients, at risk of a genetic disorder that may be hereditary in nature, are advised of the consequences of the same. The probability of developing or transmitting may be reduced or avoided completely.

Genetic counseling can thus help prevent a couple from conceiving a child if their family history points to birth defects, genetic disorder or mental retardation.

How will Tapovan Wellness Clinic help my partner and me?

This is an opportunity to meet with a physician who can address many health concerns before marriage. To help you make an informed choice you can read more about some aspects that will come up during a counseling session at Tapovan Wellness Clinic.