Unwanted Hair

Facial Hair is a very irritating and abnormal issue for women. In our society, every woman wants to fit into the mound of ideal feminine beauty. Adding to this an important part is having a smooth on top body and face. Facial hair is considered to be very unattractive as it is supposed to be a sign of manliness. You can easily remove the unwanted hair on your face with the help of waxing or shaving. But we can not recommend waxing or shaving for your facial hair.

What Are the Reasons For Facial Hair Growth

The main reasons for facial hair growth are Menopause and excess of testosterone produced by the female body. Shaving or waxing facial hair only aggravates the growth of facial hair.

Goodbye Razor, Hello Laser!

No more endless shaving, tedious plucking, painful waxing, sharp razor nicks, and messy hair removal creams! Venus Velocity takes the stress out of hair removal with comfortable, ultra-fast treatments, so you can finally enjoy the beauty of smooth, hair-free skin that lasts.

How it works:- Venus Velocity™ uses laser technology to target the hair follicle in the anagen phase, which is when the hair responds best to the treatment. About 30% of hair is in this phase at any given time, which is why you need multiple treatments to see results. Venus Velocity works by delivering energy to the hair follicle, where it’s absorbed by the hair pigment. This destroys the follicle so that the hair cannot grow anymore, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

  •  FAST TREATMENTS: Remove unwanted hair in less time than traditional treatments, even for large areas of the body.
  • COMFORTABLE FOR ALL SKIN TONES: Treatments are safe for all skin tones, even tanned skin. The advanced cooling system works on contact to ensure your skin is always protected, so you can enjoy a more comfortable treatment.
  • NO DOWNTIME: Return to your regular routine immediately after your treatment sessions