Treatment for Neck Line

There are many ways aging creeps into our appearance, from fine lines around the eyes to dark spots. One often overlooked yet highly frustrating place this happens is our neck. The formation of lines and eventually, sagging skin, can add years to our appearance. the late Nora Ephron even titled one of her best-selling books, I Feel Bad About My Neck, about this very aging phenomenon. The neck and chest area are often forgotten in many women’s beauty routines, but it’s worth noting that French women have incorporated this into their skincare regimens for years.

Treatment at Tapovan

Experience the Venus Viva™, a fast, effective and non-invasive innovation in skincare. In just a few short sessions you will notice smoother and more youthful feeling skin. The Venus Viva™ is an FDA approved advanced skincare system which can deliver a mixture of patented technologies to treat the face and neck, suitable for men,  women and all skin types. Versatile Treatments for the face and neck