Skin Pigmentation 

Venus Viva is an FDA cleared procedure that resurfaces the skin. It combines NanoFractional RF and SmartScan technology to quickly treat irregularities on the skin, including scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks. Venus Viva™ is currently the most advanced radiofrequency device on the market as well as the most efficient.  In clinical trials, it has demonstrated superior radio frequency depth penetration with the highest heat capacity, both of which stimulate collagen at deeper levels than other technologies. The recovery time for the Venus Viva™ treatment is minimal, with most patients experiencing no downtime. It is safe for all skin types and unlike most resurfacing procedures, the Venus Viva™ is pain-free, ensuring patient comfort while producing clinical outcomes. Further separating the Venus Viva™ from other similar procedures is its patented pin design technology. The pin design creates micro dermal wounds through multiple pattern selections, all of which uniquely targets and expedites the regrowth of new collagen.