Optimizing Performance

The time Liston you is where is timeless and a know that yesterday is but today memories and tomorrow yesterday dream and this means the soul is timeless leave in the presents moments make of the best day presents day as yesterday is already gone and tomorrow is yet to come taking care of how is spending today well automatically take care of all you tomorrow.

Means for optimizing performance:

Time Management

“This is an excuse we all seem to have” You can get control of your time and life only by changing the way you thing –Work- and Deal with the never-ending responsibilities that flow over you each day.

5 Tips for Time Management

  • Assess the time you have at hand to achieve the task
  • Get organized (Have all the resources ready and at hand)
  • Multi-task- Try to achieve your multiple goals as creatively as possible
  • Delegate- To improve your work efficiency it’s important to delegate the tasks you can.

Tips for modifying behavior:

  • Events cannot always be controlled- your reaction to them can be.
  • Learning to respond in a balanced appropriate fashion to the event at work is a skill and not just reacting to events.
  • Do not ignore the problem – acknowledge them as they arise and try to solve them on a priority basis.
  • Modifying behavior

If the situation at work make you feel uncomfortable and you do not take action to change it you may feel resentful- and behavior may become angry – intolerant of other people Learn to find inner balance- and overcome inappropriate behavior by analyzing the feeling of unfairness – try to discover & deal with the root of the problem.

Setting your standards

Remember “None is perfect” so do not ask too much of yourself

  • If you have very high standards and expectation- it can be difficult to accept that you have made a mistake.
  • Try to regard mistake as a “learning curve”- analyze what wrong correct the error – and avoid repeating it.
  • To lead a balanced life at work- you need to establish your own priorities- standards -and rights and be willing to take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Try not to be pressurized into taking hasty decisions.
  • Learning to say “No”

Analyzing your own self

The effects of stress are closely linked to individual personality –the same level of stress affects different people in different ways and each person has different ways of coping. Recognize yourself as a personality type and try to understand your own self and others.