Leadership and effective Teamwork Successful leaders make effective teams work either effectively they must have a common goal clearly laid but. All number agree with the goal move towards achieving mutual goals more efficiently outshined the roles and responsibility all the member.

  • Team member must be comfortable Discussion issues concerns Assignments Goals etc. Without family threated and embarrassment.
  • They must be able to give ideas and solution.
  • Communications should be open & honest with no hidden agendas
  • Each member must recognize & respect.

Individual Difference:

  • They would be able to Acknowledge & comfort conflict of only
  • Empowering employees to make lead organization decision is one way to create a positive work environment.
  • Team members must know how to solve the problem and apply decision-making strategies
  • Member is committed to the team and works this effort can make a difference.
  • Effort and accountability helps to produce
  • The effective team encourage & Appreciate feedbacks about Team Performance & Individual Performance within the team peer leadership & year feedback