Hyperhidrosis Treatment

This is a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. The word “hyperhidrosis” means too much (hyper) sweating (hidrosis).Excessive sweating happens when a person sweats more than is necessary. Yes, it’s necessary to sweat. Sweating cools the body, which prevents us from overheating. People who have hyperhidrosis, however, sweat when the body does not need cooling. This excessive sweating can interfere with everyday activities. Hands can be so sweaty that it becomes difficult to turn a doorknob or use a computer. Sweat from the underarms often soaks through clothes, causing obvious sweat marks. Because the skin is often wet, skin infections can develop.

What Causes Sweaty Palms? Most people experience sweaty palms during stressful situations, anxious moments, high temperatures, or physical exertion. For example, it’s not uncommon to get clammy hands during a tense movie, playing your favorite video game, climbing, or weightlifting. These activities and higher stress levels will raise your body temperature. This makes your sweat glands release extra heat via sweat. Unfortunately, your palms don’t get a pass on this cooling process.

Tips and Remedies to Stop Sweaty Hands…..!!

  1. Use Antiperspirant Hand Lotion
  2. Keep alcohol hand wipes handy for a quick fix
  3. Use baby powder or cornstarch to absorb palm sweat
  4. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your body cool
  5. Avoid sweat-inducing foods like caffeine, alcohol, red meat and spicy snacks
  6. Eat vitamin-rich foods that promote balance and healthy digestion