Hand Rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation is a term used to cover a variety of treatments used to treat signs of aging specifically on hands. There are a number of visible signs that can develop on people’s hands as they age, from dark age spots to loss of elasticity in the skin. Previously overlooked by patients and cosmetic practitioners alike, hand treatments are becoming more popular as people understand that anti-aging treatments should take a full-body approach.

Hand rejuvenation treatments can come in many forms including:

  • Fat transfer to improve volume in the area
  • Fillers to give back volume to the area
  • Laser ablation to reduce the visibility of small blood vessels
  • Chemical peels to improve the texture of the skin
  • Laser skin treatment to encourage natural regrowth of youthful-looking skin
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy to treat dark spots.

Why Choose Hand Radiesse: – Radiesse is an injection placed under the skin using a small needle. This wrinkle filler is injected under the skin to plump the skin up and remove wrinkles. This filler adds fullness under the skin and stimulates your body to create collagen in the area in which it is injected. The fullness results of Radiesse treatments are immediate and gratifying. The treatment lasts for a year or more, making injections and the looks of your hands long lasting. The overall procedure takes 5-10 minutes. After Radiesse is injected, it is gently massaged into place to evenly distribute the material. If you’d like to have smoother, younger looking hands, try Radiesse injections. These high-tech shots will benefit the way your hands look much faster and for a longer time than mere hand creams alone.

The injections are preferred to hand creams to help your hands look younger because:

  •  The rate of patient satisfaction is high.
  •  Your collagen is created by the injections to keep your hands smoother.
  •  The injections include the anesthetic lidocaine, which makes the Radiesse injections almost painless.
  •  The results of the Radiesse injections last for a year or more.
  •  If your hands appear more youthful, you look younger, too.