Hair PRP Therapy

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Our blood along with red and white blood cells also contains platelets which are rich in growth factors. Platelets are our most potent body healers because it helps in promoting quick healing by restoring strength and normal architecture of the tissue. Local Blood flow is increased along with hair follicle stimulation to obtain fuller and healthier hair.

PRP is a new advanced treatment being offered at Tapovan wellness klinic for hair restoration. It is a non-surgical, simple and minimally invasive procedure where patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from blood and is introduced into scalp or scanty hair growth area for hair growth stimulation. The results is fuller and healthier looking hair. The whole procedure takes around 60 – 80 minutes and achieves reliable results with a very quick downtime period.

How Does It Work?

With a fine thin needle, patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma is administered into the hair loss area of the scalp. The growth factors in the blood activates and natural hair growth progresses.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is both suitable for men and women and over the years have produced excellent outcomes for patients. An amount of blood is taken and then is cultured by rotating the centrifuge at high speed to separate the enrich platelets and stems cells from other blood components. After which the plasma is introduced with collagen, bio-active proteins, and platelet activators and thus prepared as a serum.

The PRP serum is injected into scanty hair growth using a super fine micro-needle to stimulate dormant follicles and enhance hair growth. Each injection leaves behind a small amount of plasma close to follicle that are further stimulate by stem cells and growth factors – producing higher quality of hair and growth.

Tapovan Wellness Klinic, we offer PRP as a treatment in its own right to promote hair growth. It can also be used in combination with a hair restoration or transplant surgery.

The Clinical Advantages of PRP Treatment

  • Safety:PRP uses your own body cells. No risk of infection or rejection or allergic reaction.
  • Minimal Discomfort:Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, minor discomforts, pain or swelling can be experienced that subsides within a week.
  • Convenience:No recovery or downtime period. You can drive and resume back to normal activities post procedure.
  • Effective:One can notice results within three months, although full effect of hair growth may not be visible for a year.