General Dermatology

Expert care for your skin….!!

The skin is the human body’s largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier from microorganisms, regulates the body’s temperature, enables the sense of touch, and protects us from disease by playing an active role in the immune system. Your skin is a barrier between the outer surface and the inner layer of your body. It keeps you protected, hydrate and hygienic from the bacteria.Your skin deserves the care of an expert to protect it from disease and infections and retain its radiance and beauty. Sometimes your dermatologist will recommend a closer examination of your skin condition by a dermatopathologist, who examines skin samples at a microscopic level. Our dermatopathologists are some of the best in the country, which means that you’ll receive a quick, accurate diagnosis when laboratory testing is necessary.  Healthy and beautiful skin is a reflection of good general health, but it also is a result of care and treatment of any changes to the skin before they even occur.

With a range of programs of medical skincare, which is an inseparable part of dermatological therapies, the experts in our department provide rounded dermatological examination both children and adults, and early detection of suspicious changes to melanoma.