Body Fat

Muffin top

The body store fat in different areas, particularly the thighs, hips and chest, “When there are high levels of estrogen, women tend to store fat in the chest, hips and buttocks but as estrogen levels decrease, there is a shift to store more fat in the abdominal area, “As women age, estrogen production tends to decrease, and at the same time the level of the male hormone androgen increases, causing a redistribution of weight to the stomach area.

Belly Overhang.

Despite their cute name, there isn’t much to love about love handles.
Love handles are another name for the excess fat that sits at the sides of the waist and hangs over the top of pants. Also known as a muffin top, this fat can be a challenge to lose.

Many people try to target this specific area with endless side crunches and other abdominal moves that target the oblique’s, muscles that run down the sides of the torso.

However, this is not an effective way to lose love handles


First of all, do you know 90% of women have cellulite? So, the next time you feel bad about yours, remember that fact. It’s something we all deal with at some point or another. cellulite happens when fat gets trapped in the bottom layers of the skin—and it becomes worse as we age and our skin begins to thin.

Full upper body fat

Excess fat around your arms, chest and back — is a common concern for many people. If you’ve ever lamented that you have “bat wings,” or excess fat that droops from the area between your shoulder and elbow, you probably understand this dilemma. Upper body fat can lower your self-confidence and give you a negative body image. This type of fat usually starts to accumulate if you consume more calories than you burn, so the main causes here are overeating and inactivity.

Lower Abdomen Fat

There’s a reason belly fat is known as the most stubborn to shift. The fat cells that gather around your lower abdomen are known as ‘beta fat’ cells, which are notoriously hard to get rid of. So what do you do if you’ve been exercising regularly and maintaining a balanced diet, but you’re still failing to see any results? Some of the reasons that cause fat to store in this part of the body are stress, depression, and anxiety.


Excessive alcohol consumption can make your belly grow, so start counting your drinks if you want a flatter stomach.his leads to fluid swelling, also known as edema, which can cause your limbs, hands, feet, face, or abdomen to look swollen. People with heart failure, kidney disease, liver disease, or those taking certain medications may experience this type of weight gain.

Lower body fat

Including lower legs, This problem is common for women who have leg vein problems or during pregnancy, when legs may swell. One of the reasons your thighs may be significantly bigger can be due to an excess of gluten in your diet. If you are not happy with the size of your lower body, you may want to consider trying a gluten-free diet

Large stomach with upper back fat

They may reason this can happen to you is inactivity, so you should start exercising immediately if your large stomach and back fat bothers you. Bra Bulge. Love Handles. Back Fat. However you look at it, excess fat on your back is not a pretty picture. When you put a tank top or swimsuit on and feel like you’re spilling over from the back, it can make you self-conscious and want to cover up. We’re here to change that! Unfortunately, eliminating back fat isn’t as simple as doing a few push-ups and calling it a day.

High stress type Fat

Stress means more cortisol in your body and more cortisol translates to visceral fat, especially around your stomach. Stress can have a serious impact on how much you weigh. Sometimes it can lead to weight loss. Other times, it can lead to serious weight gain. A stressful event, like the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or a financial crisis may lead to the weight change. Chronic stress may also lead to weight change over time. To get rid of this type of fat, indulge in calming activities, such as meditation. Indulge in activities that boost your happy hormones.

HighSugar Type Fat

Sugar lover? We don’t blame you. However, when you eat a lot of sugar, your body responds by producing more insulin. This leads to love handles and flabs around your waistline.

High Estrogen Type

If you have excessive weight around your butts and have always had strong PMS symptoms, you probably have high estrogen levels in your body. This may cause you high estrogen fat in your body

Low Testosterone Type

If you hate your arm flab and find it hard to tone your biceps, you may have low testosterone levels in your body. Unlike other types which are results of excess of hormones, arm flaps are a result of a deficit.

Fluffy Fat

Fluffy fat is soft and jiggles easily. Female hormones tell our bodies to accumulate this kind of fat much more readily than men, and it’s typically found on women’s stomachs, hips, thighs, and/or backs of the arms.

Fibrous Fat

Fibrous fat is the tougher version of subcutaneous fat and often forms set-in rolls. You can still pinch fibrous fat, but it’s tougher and doesn’t squish the way fluffy fat does. The perfect example of fibrous fat is the rolls that form around your bra (especially when the roll remains after the bra is gone).


First of all, do you know 90% of women have cellulite? So, the next time you feel bad about yours, remember that fact. It’s something we all deal with at some point or another.cellulite happens when fat gets trapped in the bottom layers of the skin—and it becomes worse as we age and our skin begins to thin.


Firm fat (also known as visceral fat) is different from the three other types, as it lives below the muscles, surrounding your internal organs in your abdomen. Because it’s located behind a thick muscle wall, this type of fat feels firm, not soft or pinchable.

Spare Tire

The nicknames for the extra padding around your middle may be cute, but the reality of belly fat is anything but. Although fat can be found in almost any part of your body, the kind that attaches itself to your midsection tends to be the hardest to shed and the most resistant.This belly fat is often just a redistribution of fat to the abdomen rather than a gain in total fat. So even a thin woman may be chagrined to discover that, as her estrogen levels decline during perimenopause, she is suddenly sporting a “meno-pot.

Apron Belly fat

A pannus stomach is commonly referred to as an apron belly or mother’s apron. The apron is a flap of excess skin, tissue, and fat that hangs at the bottom of the abdomen.It’s not uncommon for people who are very plus size, have rapidly lost a lot of weight, or have had many babies to have a skin apron. It also isn’t something that a woman should be ashamed about but it often causes more emotional than physical distress.