Tapovan Wellness Klinic is an initiative to create timelessness in your lives. Health & beauty are an essential aspect of our well-being.

At Tapovan Wellness, our goal is to prevent ageing effects and health problems using the latest medicine and technologies coupled with the right lifestyle guidance.

Welcome to Tapovan Wellness Klinic

Tapovan Wellness offers services like ” Hair Transplant, Hair Reduction, Weight Loss, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, PRP Therapy, Venus Freeze, Spa And Advanced Exercises ” among others.

Why Tapovan Wellness Klinic?

Comprehensive Treatment

Tapovan Wellness is a large facility with a unique concept of offering comprehensive wellness solutions under one roof.

Consulting Rooms

Our tastefully designed consultation rooms are soothing, spacious and ultra luxurious to help patients experience wellness in the right way.

Co-Working concept

The centre is designed to offer co-working space for medical and wellness professionals with truly world class facilities.

Why read this book?

  • Caring for your best asset
  • The art of being ageless
  • Connecting inner with outer beauty
  • To know how obesity affects your sex hormones and fertility
  • How to keep your hormones in balance
  • How can you cure PCOS by changing your lifestyle
  • Relationship of Sleep Apnea and its morbidity

I am having an overwhelming experience here. This programme gave me a new life in terms of my outer and inner self. My thyroid went to 3.5 from 7.8, I feel more positive, the fast results make me feel really motivated to continue and lose more. I owe a great more. I owe a great thanks to Dr. Bindu Suri and the co-operative team.

Priyanka Mehta
Priyanka Mehta

really thankful to tapovan wellness Klinic weight loss therapy. amazing results.
lovely staff everyone is very helpful and friendly


It’s so far the best clinic to treat your skin and health problems. Extremely hard working and caring staff. They explain every bit of services that’s being provided. In a nutshell, great hospitality, prompt service and visible results.
I highly recommend Tapovan clinic for wellness and stem cell treatments related also HBOT.

Djerry LES

Regarding the personal experience during my treatment at
Tapovan Wellnes Klinic GK-, I am very satisfied with the care and attention given by the staff and the regular check on my improvement and if required changes according to my liking. Good job done by
Tapovan Wellnes Klinic.

Office of Abhimanyu Mahajan

Really thankful to tapovan wellness kinic Weight Loss & Slimming Clinics in My husband and myself have benefited the most from it as we could lose weight to the tune of almost 8 to 10 kgs each just by taking a few of their weight loss combination sessions that our assigned Nutritionist and Doctor recommended.nice clinic good staff i love it

aniya massey